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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Around the Block

around the block

Oakland has something of a reputation for being a crime center, the murder rate per citizen surpasses that of any other place and the general feel in the streets in many areas is one of uneasyness and tension.

This, however, is part of south Berkeley, close to the Ashby Bart station, 10 blocks from where we live, and 1 block from where we rent our car from. Someone set a fire in the back of the house, in the alley, and when the firefighters arrived, they found in an upstairs apartment, all of two machine guns, a 50-caliber sniper's rifle, two dozen military assault rifles, assorted shotguns and handguns, a pair of bullet proof vests, as well as 178 marihuana plants.

Good thing they had taken the assault tank out for a ride to have a look at the poppy operation two blocks down.


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